The requirement

You must have had a reflective discussion with another NMC registrant, covering your five written reflective accounts on your CPD and/or practice-related feedback and/or an event or experience in your practice and how this relates to the Code.

You must ensure that the NMC registrant with whom you had your reflective discussion signs the approved form recording their name, NMC Pin, email, professional address and postcode, as well as the date you had the discussion.

Many people on our register have told us the reflective discussion is one of the most rewarding elements of revalidation. You should hold your discussion with another registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate. This could be someone who works with you on a regular basis, but you can decide who they will be. We have produced a reflective practice guidance sheet which contains some useful information to help you to get the most out of this discussion.

The discussion should take place face to face and you should be careful not to discuss other individuals in a way that can identify them.

If your confirmer is a nurse, midwife or nursing associate your reflective discussion can form part of the confirmation discussion. If your confirmer is not registered with the NMC, you must have your reflective discussion before your confirmation discussion takes place.

We have provided a reflective discussion form which you must use to record your reflective discussion. Although you are not required to submit this form to the NMC at any point, you should keep it safe as part of your records. You may choose to store the completed reflective discussion form in either paper or electronic format. Please make sure you respect the fact that this form contains personal data about your reflective discussion partner, and that you uphold your obligations in relation to confidentiality and data protection. You can familiarise yourself with your obligations in our guidance on non-identifiable information, see page 15 of How to revalidate with the NMC.