The process

We will ask you for information for the purpose of verifying the declarations you have made in your application.

This will be a declaration in which you have demonstrated to an appropriate confirmer that you have met the revalidation requirements. We have provided a form for you to use to obtain this confirmation.

We will ask you to provide the name, NMC Pin or other professional identification number (where relevant), email, professional address and postcode of the confirmer.

The role of a confirmer is an important one. This is the person who looks at the evidence you have collected and 'confirms' that you have met the revalidation requirements.

When the time comes, it’s important that you try to speak to your confirmer face to face, as you’ll need to talk them through how you have met all of the requirements. We have produced specific information for confirmers and you should share this with your confirmer before you meet, so that they understand what they are being asked to do.

You should obtain your confirmation in the final year of your three year renewal period, to ensure that it is as recent as possible. Where possible, your confirmer should be your line manager. Your confirmer does not need to be a registered nurse, midwife or nursing associate and does not need to be the same person you had your reflective discussion with, although this can often be a sensible choice as it makes the process a little easier.

We have provided a confirmation form which you must use to record your confirmation. Although you are not required to submit this form to the NMC at any point, you should keep it safe as part of your records. You may choose to store the completed confirmation form in either paper or electronic format. Please make sure you respect the fact that this form contains personal data about your confirmer, and that you uphold your obligations in relation to confidentiality and data protection. You can familiarise yourself with your obligations in our guidance on non-identifiable information, see page 15 of How to revalidate with the NMC.

You can use our simple confirmer tool to identify an appropriate confirmer.

Confirmer tool

Please note that when you come to complete your revalidation application via NMC Online you will be asked to enter your confirmer’s NMC Pin if they are a nurse, midwife or nursing associate. If you enter your Pin by mistake you will not be able to proceed with your application.