• Have you read the How to revalidate with the NMC guidance?
  • Have you met the revalidation requirements?
  • Have you had your confirmation discussion?
  • Have you received your 'Registration Renewal Notice' from us?
    (If you are signed up to NMC Online this will be sent by email. You will receive this notice 60 days before your application is due.)

Submitting your revalidation application is really straightforward. Watch this short film for a step by step guide to the online process:


Before you make your application, it’s important that you have the following information to hand:

  • Your NMC Online log in details: If you have forgotten your details you can request these at the NMC Online login page. If you do not have an account you can create one. You will need your NMC Pin in order to do this.
  • Your portfolio of evidence: You will be asked to confirm that you have met each of the revalidation requirements. In order to do this, you should have your portfolio of evidence with you. You will also need the name and contact details of your reflective discussion partner and confirmer. Find out more about each of the revalidation requirements.

You are about to enter NMC Online, where you will be able to begin your revalidation application. You will not be required to upload any evidence as part of this process. You do not have to complete it in one go and you can save your progress and come back to it at another time. Just make sure to submit your application before your revalidation application date.

Support to help you revalidate

We will provide support to nurses, midwives and nursing associates who may find it difficult to meet the revalidation requirements. This may be as a result of a disability, an illness, pregnancy, a maternity period or any other life event that impact on your ability to meet the revalidation requirements.

We can help you to meet the revalidation requirements in several ways, for example by helping you to use NMC Online, or by providing a short extension to your application date. For further information on the support we can offer and how to apply for this support please see our guidance sheet

Nurses and midwives who received their statutory email notice (asking them to start their revalidation) before 1 April 2019 are able to apply for exceptional circumstances in accordance with our previous support arrangements.

What happens next?

Once you complete the revalidation process successfully, you will receive an email to confirm that your registration has been renewed. You should receive this within two days of submitting your application. You can then log back onto your NMC Online account to see your confirmed registration status.

Please note you will not receive confirmation that your registration has been renewed until we receive both your revalidation application and your fee.
If you have a direct debit set up, you should allow five days after payment has been collected to receive your confirmation email. 

You should keep your revalidation evidence and the contact details of the people you had your reflective and confirmation discussions with safely filed, as you may need to refer to them again.


Each year we select a sample of nurses, midwives and nursing associates to provide more information. This process is known as verification.

We will notify you within 24 hours of submitting your revalidation application and paying your fee if you have been selected to verify your application. It’s important to know that if you are selected for verification this does not necessarily mean that we have any concerns about your application.


Ready to submit your application?

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